1974 Chevrolet Corvette – Cheddar

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 62183
Year: 1974
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Markets: Driven Daily, Muscle Car, Performance, Pro Touring, Racing
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: Donald Chaffin



Vehicle Story

The 48 week Corvette project CHEDDAR is a home built anyone can do it and we’ll show you how in your garage with some help from key partners along the way collaboration.

The goal is to provide a start to finish video series highlighting how simple the speciality parts market has made it to upgrade a little along the way or do a complete rebuild right in your home garage using mostly hand tools enthusiasts would have already. We’ll be bringing together specialist from the industry to help understand the why and how behind many of the products. When we are all done we’ll be ripping the car around Autocross and RoadRace events continuing with videos on performance and how to tune the new additions to work together so that the viewer can better understand how to get their ride dialed in.

Some of the things we’ll dive into along the way include:

Suspension Design & Geometry
Shocks and CoilOvers design and adjustability - Alignment Setup
Drivetrain - we’ll be running a freshened up LS3 with a TKO and rear diff rebuild
Fuel Management and plumbing for the EFI conversion
Wheel and tire fitment
Brake Systems
Body removal
Cleaning up a factory frame to handle extreme race duty
Putting it all back together
Balancing act - weight distribution & corner balancing with a set of scales
Let’s go race - what do all the adjustments do and how to make small adjustments to improve handling
I’ve had a passion for cars my entire life and had the opportunity to pick up a dream car of mine 17 years ago and the 2 of us went through a lot of learning together (often the hard way) becoming very competitive in a garage build. There were lots of times along the way I thought I had lost my mind and a few “what am I doing” moments. Thankfully friends were made along the way to help and guide me. Knowing the limited amount of knowledge available on some these projects I feel this is a great way to give back and help the home builders find confidence in the ability to do it themselves.

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