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Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 55059
Year: 1979
Make: Jeep
Model: Wagoneer
Markets: Off Road
Vehicle Type: American
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Vehicle Story

Wagoneer's are a big part of my memories from growing up.  Grandpa owned 4 different Wagoneers starting in the late 60's.  I ended up with one in highschool and loved that Jeep.  It got lifted and we upgraded everything including the engine and running gear.  The Jeep was sold when our first daughter came along.  20 years later we have the opportunity to partner with some amazing people and brands.

We have decided to bring back some of the brands from the first build and add a few more.  We are staying with Mopar and transplanting a 392 Hemi.  The transmission is a TREMEC TR4050 designed for offroad application.  We are excited to be working with TREMEC and Silver Sport Transmission to showcase this transmission for the offroad communinty.

We call it "SASQUATCH" and look forward to exploring trails up and down the West Coast.

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