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About Us

With over 30 years of experience, United Pacific Industries is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing, and supply of heavy-duty trucks and vintage vehicle parts. We are a dedicated team of unique individuals whose varied talents and experiences bring value to the way we connect with big rig drivers and classic car and truck enthusiasts. Based out of beautiful Long Beach, California, UPI is an international company committed to providing world-class customer service and innovative products.

Mission Statement

United Pacific Industries is a team of enthusiastic individuals dedicated to providing today's drivers with exciting, pioneering products that deliver exceptional performance and value. We are always learning, keeping up with industry trends and technology to develop the hardworking parts our clientele expects and deserves. Innovative design is our passion, and superior service is our promise.


With over 30 years of experience in the heavy duty trucking industry, United Pacific Industries understand the rigors and stresses that our products are subjected to on the road. It is our mission to provide our customers with products of superior quality and reliability.  In achieving this goal, United Pacific only partners with manufacturing facilities that conforms to our quality control requirements and standards.  Our manufacturing partners meet or exceed ISO-9001 requirements.  In addition, United Pacific’s manufacturing partners must be equipped on site to perform the following quality assurance tests:

United Pacific’s manufacturing partners must maintain a track record of consistent quality and low product failure rate.  Furthermore, our internal quality control structure allows us to function as the final quality control station prior to shipping.  With the assistance of 3D computer technology, United Pacific can adhere to strict quality control standards during prototype creation and the production process.  Our engineers and technicians perform a battery of tests to ensure that our products meet the demands of today’s drivers and our goal to be first in quality.


Known as the leader in innovation, United Pacific is dedicated to be the first to bring new and exciting products to the market. United Pacific global expertise allows us to search the globe for new ideas and concepts. Not only do we search the globe for new products, United Pacific invests a significant amount of resources into our own research and development efforts. With the assistance of advance 3D scanning technology, our engineers and designers can acquire accurate and precise data in seconds. The 3D data allows United Pacific to verify designs, perform quality assurance tests, and reverse engineer with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Digital inspection contributes to the early detection of shape problems, provides rapid feedback on design, and eliminates unnecessary work in downstream processes. Our rapid prototyping facility permits us to have a concept-to-shelf time of less than 5 months. In addition, United Pacific’s 3D printing capabilities permit our designers to have physical models of their design concepts in hours. The physical models allow our designers and marketing staff to evaluate and test the viability of different design ideas. Our rapid prototyping facility allows United Pacific to compress design cycles, improve manufacturing planning, shorten concept-to-shelf time, most importantly, generate new and innovative products.


Located near some of the nation’s most progressive automotive design centers, United Pacific established the UP Design Studio in 2002 to consolidate our position as the design leader in the heavy duty trucking industry.  UP Design Studio utilizes the latest generation of computer aided design (CAD) and studio/graphic software.  The design studio is equipped with the newest computers and rapid prototyping systems.  In addition, UP Design Studio is staffed by graduates from the nation’s most prestigious design colleges.  Unlike our competitors, United Pacific’s design and manufacturing capabilities mean that we carry more new and original items than our competitors.  The establishment of the design studio will enable us to generate even more new products with significant shorter concept-to-shelf time.  The reduction in development cost mean that we can develop products utilizing design based development processes.  Design based product development allows United Pacific to create new product concepts based on designs incorporating driver demands and needs instead of economic considerations.  United Pacific’s emphasis on design distinguishes and positions us ahead of our competitors.

Inventory & Shipping

United Pacific carries over 20,000 items in our California distribution center.  No other company in the heavy duty trucking industry can match United Pacific in the variety and range of in-stock inventories.  With an order fill rate of over 98.5%, United Pacific is the largest and most reliable supplier in the industry.  Our shipping department ships 96.8% of all orders within 24 hours and 98.9% within 48 hours.  United Pacific’s vast inventory and prompt shipping has made United Pacific the only source for our customer’s chrome and lighting needs.

Assembled in the USA

UPI strives to provide today's drivers with exciting products that deliver exceptional performance and value. Our international team searches the globe for superior, reliable products, often selecting components manufactured overseas. All parts are inspected-hand-assembled, and packaged in the United States, allowing us to label all products "Assembled in the USA".

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