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First-generation Bronco portfolio expands with chrome mirrors and chrome grille

New Product   |   Posted: 01/30/2020
Posted by: First-generation Bronco portfolio expands with chrome mirrors and chrome grille

LONG BEACH, Calif. - United Pacific is lighting up the Bronco restoration scene with new chrome outside mirrors - available with or without integrated LED turn signal indicators - and a chrome grille for first-generation models, expanding an already broad portfolio of sheet metal and other components for Ford's classic, original SUV.

"United Pacific is always working to develop new parts and products that help enthusiasts take their projects to the next level," said Jai Baek, United Pacific's marketing and creative director. "These new mirrors and grille for the classic first-generation models offer more choices for building the Bronco of their dreams."

Chrome mirrors (1966-77 Bronco and other 1967-79 Ford trucks)

Offered in conventional and LED turn-signal models, United Pacific's new early Bronco chrome mirrors offer an authentic replacement for missing, broken or pitted originals. They're made of high-quality die-cast metal and are chrome-plated with a brilliant finish.

The signal versions incorporate a discreet LED turn signal indicator, just like the feature incorporated on many new vehicles today. The easy 12-volt hookup for the indicator simply routes through the door jamb and connects to the front turn signal wiring. The left- and right-hand versions are sold separately and the right-hand version has a convex mirror surface for a broader view.

Part numbers for the mirrors include:
* 110735 - Conventional mirror, fits left-hand or right-hand (1 pc.)
* 110736 - Left-hand mirror with LED turn signal (1 pc.)
* 110737 - Right-hand conventional with convex mirror (1 pc.)
* 110738 - Right-hand convex mirror with LED turn signal (1 pc.)

Chrome-plated grille (1969-77 Bronco)

United Pacific has chromed their reproduction grille (part number 110516) for the 1969-77 Bronco, offering a bright, distinctive enhancement to standard painted finishes. The faithful reproduction is stamped with high-quality 17-gauge sheet metal and incorporates the original contours, details and mounting brackets of the original. Headlight adjusters are included.

The grille has a smooth center bar, without the factory FORD letters, for clean appearance, but United Pacific also offers a reproduction letter kit (part number 110482).

More Bronco parts

United Pacific's growing portfolio of early Bronco restoration and accessory parts offers almost all of the sheet metal and supporting components to facilitate a top-quality restoration. Highlights include:

* Hoods
* Grilles
* Bumpers
* Front fenders and inner aprons
* Firewall assembly and separate component kits
* Radiator support
* Windshield frame
* Dash panel
* Door shells and outer door skins
* A-pillar / door jamb hinge posts
* Inner and outer rocker panels
* Floorpan assembly and bed floor
* Front and rear inner wheel houses
* Rear quarter panels
* Heater box
* Range of high-power LED headlamps and taillamps.

United Pacific's complete early Bronco parts lineup is available, please contact for copy of Bronco catalog or visit

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