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For over twenty five years now Design Engineering, Inc.™ has been known for producing exceptional quality heat control products primarily sold through the performance distribution system. But there's another facet of our business that we specialize in - working with other customers to help solve their heat and sound control problems.

We work with these customers to define their problem, determine the correct materials necessary to handle their heat or sound control issues and work to design a solution. Our in-house design team can quickly turn around first article prototypes for inspection, for fitment and evaluation purposes. Once a final design is tested and approved by the customer, production begins based on their requirements.

Over the years we have designed custom solutions for many industries and fields including, aviation, powersports, racing, marine and even locomotive. We have also produced "build to spec" contract work for commercial, industrial, and military-related businesses to name a few. All of these businesses who decide to contract Design Engineering for heat and sound solutions have recognized our capabilities and ability to come up with correct and innovative products to solve the problem.

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