2004 Nissan 350Z Z33 – Bizz’s LSZ Pro Drift Car

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 55037
Year: 2004
Make: Nissan
Model: 350Z Z33
Markets: Performance, Racing, Sports Car, Tools & Equipment
Vehicle Type: Asian
Contact: Ian Phillips



Vehicle Story

Self built professional drift car for UK and European competition.

Currently competing in the MSUK Drift Pro Championship.  4th place championship finisher

Nurburgring Drift Cup 4th place championship finisher, with "Best Chase Run" award

Bought the car back in 2013 and built the first iteration of it over the next 14 months to compete the following season.  It was taken back to bare metal and stitch welded before the cage and any other work took part on the chassis.  This included using the LS3 V8 I imported in 2011 for my original drift car Nissan Skyline R33.

Since 2014 it has been on going development trying to get the most from the chassis, with help from partners I will list below.  During the last off season the car took on the biggest set of upgrades ever, focusing on loosing as much weight as possible and improving the balance.  The goal was to cut 10% from the 3050lbs, whilst retaining the 54/46 weight distribution, or getting it closer to 50/50.

The end result was 2755lbs, full wet and the balance was left unchanged.  This was achieved by removing all metal panels from the car, relocating parts from the front of the car to the rear if possible, steel parts remaining were changed to aluminum if regulations allowed and drilling many, many holes!

All of this would not be possible without the support of my partners: -

DEI - Their high quality heat control products and Easy-loom has been keeping the heat where it should be for the last 4 years and neatened up my new wiring harness.  Floor and Tunnel Shield II protects my feet from the enormous amount of heat coming off the exhaust, Titanium exhaust wrap is used on the headers, Reflect-A-Gold is used on the bulkhead and anywhere that needs some added protection, like the air inlet pipework.  In the workshop I regularly use the new Oil Rug to protect my work bench and shop floor from any oil spills or leaks from the LSZ.  It really is a great product.

Magnuson Superchargers - In 2019 the LS3, from a 2010 Camaro SS, received boost for the first time in the form of the Heartbeat 2300.  This year we are upgrading to the new Magnum PI 2650

Fortune Auto - We worked with these guys to help develop their new 2022 520 true coilovers for the Z33.  The performance of this new setup was great and would recommend to anyone looking for a pro setup for their car!  In 2022 we're upgrading to the Dreadnought 2's to see if we can get anymore from the suspension/chassis combination

Turn One Powersteering - After several failed GM pumps in 2011/12, Turn One had their HP2 pump as an alternative.  I have been running that pump, without issue, since 2014.  The reason this is changing for this season is that I am moving to the LSA front end on the LS3 to suit the supercharger.

AR12 Gaming - These guys have been a part of my team since the very early stages of the LSZ's existence.  Having an interest in drifting Nick wanted to help support this grass-roots team, that didn't have the big budget but was still able to push on the "big boys"

Advocult Motorsport - Up and Coming company in the UK but already well known for their knowledge and products for plumbing all manners of cars as well as supplying Radium products.  The LSZ is running one of the 6gal fuel cells and was installed with the Advocult products.  They also provided a new 3D printed mounting bracket for my electric water pump which was a very elegant solution compared to the off the shelf offering from the manufacturer

Goodridge - Synonymous with high profile motorsport and OEMs i.e. Le Mans, Ferrari, etc., these guys provide the best of the best when it comes to hoses, fittings and bespoke design.  The LSZ will be fully plumbed with Goodridge brake lines and other products.  Running a hydraulic handbrake and dual rear calipers provides its own set of challenges, using Goodridge's components instills a great deal of trust in those systems.

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