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Dragzine.com will deliver the hard hitting news and event coverage that hardcore drag racers crave. Updated daily are rumors and news from NHRA, ADRL, NMCA, Outlaw and Drag Radial events, not to mention videos, hardcore tech articles and interviews. It’s Hardcore Drag Racing. 24 Hours a Day.

Comp Cams has helped make Dragzine.com possible through the sponsorship of the event coverage on the web site. Special thanks to their entire team.

Our full-time staff and freelancers live and breathe the 1320 every day. Our goal is to deliver to you the quickest, most timely news, rumors, and insights in the drag racing world. You will also find some of the best technical content on the web — from installations, dyno tests, project vehicles and more.

If you bleed drag racing, you’ve found your web site.

25843 Jefferson Ave.
Murrieta, CA 92562

Phone: 951-677-2626

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