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Launched in 2013, Off Road Xtreme™ is the digital leader in off-road for breaking news, inside information, high-quality truck features, event coverage, exclusive technical content, and project vehicles you won't see anywhere else. Off Road Xtreme is your daily check-in for all the latest and greatest in the off road industry.

If you’re into trail riding, off-road racing, rock crawling, sand dragging, tall trucks, or classic 4x4s, Baja bugs and monster trucks, Off Road Xtreme provides action-packed event coverage, technical know-how from experts, tips and tricks you can use on your builds, and colorful features on some of the hottest off-road rigs you’ve ever seen.

Off Road Xtreme is not a forum and much more than just another news blog, it brings you the illustrative photography and useful content of traditional print publications but without the subscription or newsstand costs, or the endless pages of advertisements to thumb through. The up-to-date event coverage and up-to-the-minute news found in Off Road Xtreme can’t be topped by print publications. Best of all for you, it’s completely free, so check back as often as you like!

No matter how you like to play in the dirt, we’re all part of the off-road community, and Off Road Xtreme is where it’s found.

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