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7950 Yorktown Ave. #15
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Phone: 714-313-0459

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.dwsclassics.com/

For 20 years we've been building and restoring classic vehicles.  What started as a hobby, turned into something bigger.  From nut and bolt restorations, to custom built vehicles, we can handle whatever you may ask of us.

When it comes to performance, DWS Classics has you covered.We’ve built multi-carbed show winners, Hillborn injected autocrossers, and high-powered single carbed performers. DWS Classics can also handle your suspension, chassis, tire wheel needs too! There is no limit to the upgrades DWS Classics can do for your pride-and-joy.

DWS Classics can also upgrade your ride with comfort features too. Need power steering, disc brakes, air conditioning? DWS Classics has your back! We do one offs for small and major upgrades. Performance isn’t just speed... it’s many aspects of making your classic more of a joy to drive.

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