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Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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Website: http://www.falkentire.com/

The Falken Tire brand launched in its native country of Japan in 1983 and was introduced to the North American market two years later. At its inception, Falken was created as the flagship high performance radial brand. Now, over two and a half decades later, Falken Tire continues to focus on UHP (Ultra High Performance) products and utilizing professional motorsports racing to further develop and improve passenger vehicle products for worldwide distribution.

Falken Tire Corporation, based in Rancho Cucamonga California, is the corporate headquarters and west coast distribution center for North American operations. Additional Falken Tire distribution locations include warehouses in Florida, Tennessee, New Jersey and Texas.

Our Mission is to exciting high quality products designed to enhance the performance, appearance, and safety of their vehicles. We are committed to helping consumers maximize the enjoyment of their vehicles.

Our Products:

  • Eurowinter HS449
  • Azenis RT-615K
  • Ziex S/TZ05
  • Wildpeak All Terrain
  • Azenis PT722
  • Azenis FK453
  • Sincera SN211
  • Ziex ZE950

Our Awards:

  • Petit Le Mans 2013

Our Milestones:

2011 -Daijiro Yoshihara Crowned 2011 Formula Drift Championship

2010 -Vaughn Gittin JR crowned 2010 Formula Drift Championship

1999 -The ADAC 24h Rennen Nürburgring

1991 -The Super N1 Taikyu Series

1990 -The N1 6h Endurance Race

1989 -Mirage International Cup Series

1988 -Team Falken Won The Mirage Cup International Series

1985 -Started Falken Motorsports & U.S. Distribution

Falken starts racing

1984 -The Introduction of A Winning Brand

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