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With humble beginnings, Stuart Hilborn designed and built the first constant flow mechanical fuel injector. In 1948, at El Mirage dry lake, his was the first car ever to go 150 mph and the rest, as they say, is history. Fuel Injection Engineering Co. has grown to be a leader in the pioneering and implementation of fuel injection and its associated components. Today, under the direction of Stuart Hilborn, the dedicated technicians at Fuel Injection Engineering Co. provide unmatched service and technical expertise when it comes to design, service and flow testing of your Hilborn injector. Precision machining along with in-house assembly and testing ensures that you receive the highest quality product. It is because of this that Hilborn injectors have been used successfully and set many records in all types of racing including oval track, drag, dry lakes, super modified, off-road, motorcycle, tractor pulling, hydroplanes, and Indy Lite series.

Understanding the attributes of a Hilborn injector, coupled with the drivability afforded with electronic fuel injection, Stuart has branched into EFI, offering manifolds and complete systems with the same performance and quality that has made the Hilborn mechanical injector so famous. And much like the mechanical injectors, the Hilborn EFI injectors have become the choice of the most demanding enthusiast.

Glenwood Dr
Aliso Viejo, California 92656

Phone: 949-360-0909

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