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1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator – Todd’s 69 Eliminator **In Progress

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 54873
Year: 1969
Make: Mercury
Model: Cougar Eliminator
Markets: Muscle Car
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: KTL Restorations



Vehicle Story

1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator / Build in progress February 2022

Original drivetrain: 390FE with 4spd

Exterior: Bright Blue Met (Mercury) Acapulco Blue (Ford) / Interior: Blue

Project photo shown is before any work has been performed at KTL

" ", the all original Eliminator, is about to get a few modern upgrades. Now, before you cringe and tell us we shouldn't alter such a rare and original car, of all people, we already know that. This will be done very meticulously so that all original parts are kept as they were. No alteration will be made that are not removable, as to convert back to all original sometime in her future. Stay tuned as we take this beauty to the next level of performance.

~ #thecougarspecialist

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