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BangShift.com is “The Car Junkie Daily Magazine”. Whether you are looking for the latest gearhead news, tech, features, or video, we’ve got it all right here at BangShift.com. We’re your source for online gearhead fun. Started by two fanatics of 4 wheels, Chad Reynolds and Brian Lohnes, BangShift.com has become the go to spot for your daily dose of hot rod mojo. And thanks to a talented crew of overpaid Contributors, we’ve got more content than anyplace else. Whether you are into Drag Racing, Land Speed Racing, Trucks, Pro Touring, or just good old hot rods, we’ve got you covered. Together Brian and Chad have created a gearhead destination on the web that allows you to get your fix, no matter what your automotive vice.

After 5 years online, BangShift has taken itself to the next level in 2014 with the launch of BangShift 1320, BangShift APEX, and BangShift XL, which focus on Drag Racing, Stuff That Turns, and all thing Trucks respectively. With these new BangShift.com sites we are providing even more content, right where you want it, about the vehicles you love.

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