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JF Kustoms is JF Launier's custom shop, specializing in the highest end of all components of a hot rod build.  From engineering and intricate, unique fab work to mirror finished custom paint jobs we've been doing it all in the south of Canada's Okanagan Valley for over 20 years.  JF's eye for detail and artistic talent have earned him Goodguys' Trendsetter of the Year, 4 Detroit Autorama Great 8 awards and one Autorama Ridler award among countless other titles and countless magazines have featured our cars with over 50 Covers now.  JF started hot rodding with his buddies like many teenage boys at 16, drag racing and travelling to local shows and the likes but his drive to always do better than he had before led him to the pursuit of show car perfection and that's how we ended up 4 times over showing in Detroit for the prestigious Ridler.  JF's no one trick pony though, he entirely self-funded his Ridler winner Rivision.  It's not just a statement of the perfection you can achieve when you have an unending work ethic and a community of teammates believing in your vision but it also has been roadtracked, autocrossed, drag raced, street driven on casual sundays and even done donuts.  The car's been engineered like no other Ridler before or after it with a perfect 50/50 weight distribution and rear mount turbo set up as well as hidden cage in the interior and that goes to show we build everything, sometimes all at once.  On the side we've been building race cars for our local track's race series and maintaining local clientele's Porsches, Ferraris, Vipers, Lamborghinis and so on.  Keep an eye out for our future builds featuring the incredible in-depth custom paintjobs of JF and Mike Kukura (of BASF northwest) and if you haven't head over to Curtis Speed and check out our signature Riviter wheels as well as the rest of the amazingly talented work of Mike Curtis.

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