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A Living Legacy: Ciadella Interiors

Feature   |   Posted: 06/01/2022
Posted by: Moore & Giles

In the pursuit of passion, Pete Ciadella found a love for cars—more specifically, a love for Chevys. As he worked on restoring his Chevy Nomad, a rip in the seat had him looking around for the perfect Vinyl and Cloth to restore this beauty with its original glory in mind. Throughout this process, a lightbulb went off and Pete realized he found joy in what he was doing and could provide for his family by doing it. With this passion and the support of his family, Pete laid the foundation for what today is successfully known as Ciadella Interiors in Tempe Arizona. With Pete’s legacy in mind, his daughters (Gina and Natalie) and wife (Ann) now look after the shop and have kept this family legacy going.

Ciadella Interiors specializes in exactly what Pete built. Pete’s patterns are the guide for what projects Ciadella will do and will ensure it is done with excellence and top-quality service—just like Pete required of his team. “We do what we know, and we do it well” (Gina). Debbie knows this all too well as she has been with Ciadella for 41 years (seen sewing below). However, more than anything, Ciadella is a family. A group of people that value relationships and people more than money or business.

When asked what the best part of a day at Ciadella was, without hesitation, the response was “meeting so many different people from all walks of life and getting to visit with people and learn about their lives.” Ciadella aims to serve everyone who shares their love of Chevy interiors. Whether looking to do a full resto-mod or just need a repair, Ciadella aims to serve the people and to do it extremely well. “The guys in the shop take such pride in their work. If it is not perfect, it does not leave our shop.”

In a very densely populated male industry, Ciadella steps up to the plate as a women run business and has earned their place at the table. “We put out bad-ass interiors for all walks of life, for all different needs, and that unites people.”

What is Ciadella’s mission? “It is about the people. Everyone has a story. We want our name on something that we take pride in.” In the words of his family, Pete was the hardest working man who laid the foundation for which the shop was built on. Pete Ciadella had the biggest smile that could light up a room, but he was also here to do business. Today, the team at Ciadella continues to honor his legacy and has invited Moore and Giles leather along for the ride. “Leather is made to last, and we want our interiors to last forever” (Gina).

Stay tuned for an exciting project Ciadella is working on using Moore and Giles Leather as a tribute to Pete Ciadella.


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Written by: Alexa Osborn

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