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Big Jake: Use Good Leather … which is why he chooses Moore and Giles for his interior projects

Feature   |   Posted: 12/20/2020
Posted by: Big Jake: Use Good Leather … which is why he chooses Moore and Giles for his interior projects

If you’re into interior fabrication, upholstery, or design, you know about Big Jake Auto Interiors in Austin, Tex. because they do it all. In less that ten years, “Big” Jake Mammen has grown his shop into one of the most well known shops across the country and he’s earned this reputation thanks, in part, to the materials he chooses for all of his projects.

Mammen says Moore and Giles leather always has all the qualities he wants in a leather. “Basically all of our projects are done with their leather,” he says. “We don’t do a lot of cars every year because a build can take up to six months to complete and we have a small staff, but our last ten to twelve car interiors have definitely included leather from Moore and Giles.

In fact, the very first car interior that Big Jake worked on featured Moore and Giles leather.  “It was a ’57 Bel Air and that car was scratch built. This was before we had CAD or robots … I mean we did it old-school mobile fabrication style with router techniques and jigsaws and just a lot of sweat and tears, “ explains Mammen.

Mammen was determined to design the interior of the Bel Air so that it was different than the many other restored cars from that era. He chose some unique materials including amplifier grill cloth and PVC plastic used on guitar pick guards. Of course he also chose leather from Moore and Giles.

“Yeah, we picked a baby blue color leather and we asked Moore and Giles to perforate it and they did this for us kind of in the eleventh hour,” Mammen says.  “We did a straight line of dots on the door and a cross pattern on the seats.  The perforated dots line up perfectly across the interior.”

Big Jake says customer service is something that sets Moore and Giles apart from their competitors. “Not only do they have a great color selection and high quality leather, they’ve got good customer service. You don’t get that from the other guys.”

For more information about Big Jake Auto Interiors check out their website. (   And to see how Moore and Giles can elevate your interior projects email for more information.