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New Product   |   Posted: 07/24/2020
Posted by: Edelbrock

Pat Musi Signed Certificate of Ownership Plus Unique 555 Decal

Now Included With High Performance Edelbrock-Musi 555 Crate Engine

TORRANCE, CA (July 2020)Edelbrock, a leading manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket performance parts, in conjunction with Pat Musi Racing Engines, is pleased to offer a high-performance engine designed to rule the streets.  Featuring 555 cubic inches, 723 horsepower, and 652 ft-lbs of torque (with Pro-Flo 4 XT EFI), the engine is built by Pat Musi in his racing facility, using parts provided by Edelbrock.  As a special bonus, all three configurations of the 555 Crate Engine now come with a Certificate Of Origin personally signed by Pat Musi plus an exclusive owner’s club 555 decal for the owner’s ride.

 The three configurations of the Edelbrock-Musi 555 are: 1) AVS2 Carbureted; 2) Pro-Flo 4 EFI; and 3) Pro-Flo XT EFI.

A major key to the power produced is the use of high performance CNC-ported Cylinder Heads manufactured at the new state-of-the-art Edelbrock Race Center.

These high performance CNC-ported Cylinder Heads along with Edelbrock’s Pro-Flo electronic fuel injection system help make the Edelbrock-Musi 555 Pro-Flo XT the most powerful naturally aspirated crate engine package in Edelbrock’s line. The proprietary system electronic fuel injection system consists of a skillfully engineered intake manifold with a unique design that delivers more horsepower and torque than a traditional single-plane intake manifold.

The Pro-Flo system includes everything needed to bolt in and go, such as fuel injectors, fuel rails, O2 sensor & bung, throttle body, electronic engine control unit (ECU) and handheld calibration module. The ECU is self-learning making initial start-up and tuning a breeze. It can be fine-tuned with the handheld calibration module without the need for a laptop. All three versions of the engine are competition ready yet ultra-reliable for daily street use, and all three can be dropped in and used with standard drivelines. The standard deck block allows the engine to be installed in most cars without hood clearance issues. The standard exhaust port location allows for the use of off-the-shelf headers.

For the consumer there are major advantages to dealing with a combined Edelbrock – Musi produced engine. First, the consumer gets the high-quality and high-performance parts that Edelbrock has been proven to deliver, along with the unparalleled knowledge and willingness to help of Edelbrock’s Customer Service department. Tommy Templeton from the Charlotte, NC area recently installed a 555 in his Chevelle that he purchased in 1992 when he was 19. Tommy reached out to Edelbrock’s Customer Service department during the final tuning of his engine and couldn’t say enough about the knowledge of the service rep who helped him; a sentiment echoed by many.

Second is the engine building and tuning expertise of Pat Musi. “Edelbrock is known for their street performance and we are proud of the track record we’ve built with our racing engines”, said Pat Musi. “I have the first prototype 555 engine installed in my personal ‘67 Camaro, the car I started racing with. It hauls ass down the track and has been trouble free for over 10 years.” image009.jpg Pat brings his experience of driving a race car into the engine-building room at Pat Musi Racing Engines where many of the top Pro Mod racers go for their race-winning engines.

Edelbrock and Pat Musi have a history of collaborating together. “We see our relationship with Pat Musi and our involvement in the new Race Center as key elements to our future growth”, said Don Barry, CEO of Edelbrock.  “We can’t think of a better organization to ally ourselves with than Musi Racing.  Their reputation for building high performance, reliable engines is legendary.”

Pat brings his experience of driving a race car into the engine-building room at Pat Musi Racing Engines where many of the top Pro Mod racers go for their race-winning engines.

With every 555 Crate Engine purchase, here is what the buyer receives in addition to a powerful and reliable street power plant:

  • The Ultimate Big Block built by a racing legend
  • One-on-one call with Pat Musi to discuss the customer’s setup
  • Certificate of Authenticity signed by Pat Musi
  • Exclusive 555 Owners Club decals for the buyer’s ride

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