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Introducing the Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Rear Grip Kit for S-197 Mustangs: Takes the Drama Out – Dials Grip and Control in

Industry News   |   Posted: 06/26/2018
Posted by: Introducing the Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Rear Grip Kit for S-197 Mustangs: Takes the Drama Out – Dials Grip and Control in


Indianapolis, Indiana, June 25, 2018 – Legendary Mustang builder Kenny Brown is pleased to introduce the exclusive Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Rear Grip Kit, for 2005-2014 Mustangs which dramatically improves rear suspension geometry for unparalleled handling, braking, grip and control.

Designed for Mustang performance enthusiasts and racers who desire more vehicle control and confidence, the AGS 4.0 Rear Grip Kit completely changes the dynamics of Mustang handling by totally re-engineering the car’s rear suspension geometry. Unlike most other aftermarket suspension parts that are nothing more than OE replacements. Every component of Kenny’s Rear Grip Kit alters and improves an aspect of rear suspension geometry that all work together as a complete suspension system.  

“Rear Grip, or the lack thereof, has been a nagging issue for Mustang owners since forever,” states Brown. “Add more power with a supercharger or turbo, or a heavy right foot and it makes it even worse. However, my Kenny Brown AGS Rear Grip Kit provides a real solution to the problem. It really settles the back of your Mustang down dialing out loose and drama while dialing in much more grip and control.”

Kenny Brown's Advanced Geometry Suspension Systems (AGS) is a philosophy of geometrical corrections, and optimum spring and shock rates that are engineered to maximum tire contact patch during all driving and cornering events to produce what Kenny feels is the best handling suspension system on the market for street and track AND at a reasonable price. 

The Kenny Brown Rear Grip Kit features Kenny's Fourth Generation of his renowned Advanced Geometry Suspensions Systems (AGS). The AGS system was originally introduced in 1987 on the heralded Championship Saleen-R Racing Mustangs and has continually improved and evolved. Starting with AGS 1.0, each subsequent AGS generation builds on the success, experience and results of the prior generation.  This evolution continually improving and moving the bar up on handling, grip, braking, and driver confidence.The AGS 4.0 for S-197 Mustangs significantly improves anti-squat and anti-lift, reduces rear roll, and improves SVSA instant center.

“AGS 4.0 Rear Grip Kit creates less rear roll and a lot more grip, for better, flatter control in cornering. As well, it reduces rear lift, meaning under hard braking the back of your Mustang will no longer wants to pop up – making braking more efficient, flatter, shorter with added control,” according to Brown, “Plus, AGS 4.0 rear suspension geometry works so well, you can throw your rear sway bar away - Seriously!  Spinning rear tires, loose back end and white-knuckle drama is out – Smooth, controlled, confidence is in. So, you can go ahead and put your foot down.”

Brown continued, “What’s really special about my Rear Grip Kit is that each individual piece is great by itself as each piece is engineered to improve suspension geometry.  However, all together working as a complete engineered system – it’s just magic.  A sentiment that anyone that has ever driven a Mustang with my AGS suspension system will attest to.”  

Whether for racing, track days, or street performance the Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Rear Grip Kit is the “Best in Class” Mustang high-performance rear suspension system – taking out the drama and dialing in grip and control.

Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Rear Grip Kit:  


Totally Transforms Your Mustang's Rear Suspension's Grip, Handling and Control

  • Street-Wise, Track Tested, Race Proven
  • Significantly improves rear suspension geometry dialing in more grip and control
  • Increases rear anti-squat for far more forward bite    
  • Adds rear anti-lift for flatter, shorter braking
  • Reduces rear roll for flatter cornering and more control
  • AGS 4.0 geometry eliminates the rear sway bar (seriously)
  • Settles the back of the Mustang down for dramatic improvement in handling
  • Lowers rear ride height by a minimum of 1.25”
  • Important upgrade to add with high horsepower Mustangs, superchargers or turbos
  • Loose is out and grip is In


  • U-Link Upper Control Arm Module - Complete Bolt-In Upper Control Arm Module Assembly. Integrates with Traction Brackets for greatly improved SVSA, anti-squat and anti-lift.
  • Ultra-Light Super-Duty Double Adjustable Pro-Grade Rear Lower Control Arms – Lightweight with high-grade Teflon lined rod-ends adjusts stock lower control arm outward splay, to parallel racecar style roll axis geometry
  • Rear Roll-Center Relocation Kit with Heavy-Duty Double-Adjustable Panhard Bar - Lowers the rear roll center as low as possible on a live axle Mustang for flatter cornering; aluminum double adjustable panhard bar with professional grade Teflon-lined rod ends for flatter more controlled cornering and dramatically improved handling.
  • Rear Anti-Squat Traction Brackets - Engineered to improve SVSA instant center geometry adding anti-squat traction and anti-lift braking for better forward bite and grip out of the corners as well as introduces rear anti-lift for shorter, surer, confident braking.

 Applications and Pricing

  • Fits '05 to '14 Mustang V-6/GT/Boss/GT500 Mustang Coupes (Convertibles - inquire)
  • Note: Performance/sport shock & spring package required, coil-over shocks preferred.
  • Complete Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Rear Grip Kit ONLY $1,395.00

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