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Destin FL,

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Website: https://wannagofast.com/

wannaGOFAST was founded in order to fill a niche in the motorsports market place. Our goal was to create a safe and controlled environment for fellow car enthusiasts to pursue their “Need for Speed” without the restrictions of the standard 1/8 or ¼ mile drag strip. We’ve taken a “retro” approach to what Americana used to be and fast forwarded it into Modern Day times with an efficient and unique event platform.

We have now successfully drawn participants from the far reaches of the United States to compete in our signature, Heads Up ½ mile events. As we continue to expand beyond our current locations we hope to continue to add to our family of fellow “Go Fasters.” The word “family” is used because we want all of our participants to feel that we genuinely care about their experience…..before, during, and after our events. Our company prides itself on its excellent customer service skills and personal relationships with each individual that partakes in our experiences. We hope you begin each event feeling welcomed by our warm and friendly staff and leave at the end of the day feeling like an official part of our “Go Fast” family! Heck you might even make a friend or two while you’re at it!!

We here at wannaGOFAST invite you to finally see what it’s like to leave Speed Limit signs in the past and focus only on the rushing scenery in front of you……….and oh yea your friendly competitor in your rear view mirror!! This is your chance to finally see what your piece of automotive art can really do! Welcome to the world of wannaGOFAST…………where all of your automotive dreams come true!!

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