1936 3-Window Coupe – Bob Benn

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 2115
Year: 1936
Make: Ford
Model: Coupe
Markets: Rod & Custom
Vehicle Type: American



Vehicle Story

Donn Lowe has had 50 Years experience in building Hotrods .  By the early eighties, he could see the handwriting on the wall as far as the collision business was concerned.  Lowe recalls, “It went from straightening and getting a lot of labor time to just parts replacement.”  Rather than conceding defeat, though, he returned to his roots.  “I told my wife, ‘I want to open a custom shop.’” He muses, chuckling.  “Of course, that was in ’82, and when I look back on it, it was really stupid.”

But, thank goodness, hindsight follows experience.  Since striking out on his own some 28 years ago, Lowe’s merged his interests and skills, tempering them with a close of historical perspective.  And by many accounts, it’s worked.  “I’ve been very lucky to hook up with several guys as clients who allow me to build some neat cars,” he acknowledges.

Donn states, “I might be an ultra-traditionalist, but I try to push the envelope.”

Build Sheet