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2011 BMW 335 – Martin’s Daily Driver

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 20910
Year: 2011
Make: BMW
Model: 335
Markets: Driven Daily
Vehicle Type: European
Contact: AR Auto Service


Vehicle Story

Martin's 2011 335i has slowly changed from a stock car to a tastefully modified daily driver that combines practicality with speed and style.  The suspension consists of MCS Double Adjustable Dampers with remote reservoirs combined Swift Spring and Ground Control camber plates/rear height adjusters.  This combo lowers the car on top of a set of 18x9.5 Volk ZE40 wheels wrapped in Continental Extremecontact Sport tires.  Behind the wheels you'll see a Sparta Evolution GP-1 rotors combined with Stoptech Sport brake pads and stainless steel brake lines.   This combination of suspension, wheels, tires and brakes improves the handling and ride of the despite the fact that it sits substantially lower than stock.

The drivetrain is still fairly stock, as Martin wanted to retain the quiet comfort of the cabin, so the exhaust remains completely stock with the exception of the factory exhaust valve being fixed open for a slightly louder burble.  On the inlet side, an AFE intake feeds the turbo, and the charge piping and intercooler are all supplied by Extreme Turbo Systems which replaces the brittle factory plastic piping with steel piping and a significantly larger and more efficient intercooler.  A Burger Tuning catch can keeps any unwanted vapor and moisture out of the inlet tract, preventing the buildup of sludge in the piping which is all too uncommon for turbo BMWs.

To maximize the modifications car is tuned via MHD Flasher by Ken of Wedge Performance.  The car has not hit the dyno yet however it makes an estimated 380whp and 400+wtq on pump gas.

Other modifications include OEM Euro BMW M sport bumpers front and rear, as well as M Sport side skirts.  A small lip spoiler rests on the trunk while an MTC Designs carbon front lip ensures that every driveway must be taken at angle.

This 335 is a great example of a car that can be enjoyed on a daily basis while still standing out from the crowd.

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