2021 Jeep Wangler JL – Willow

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 58437
Year: 2021
Make: Jeep
Model: Wangler JL
Markets: Driven Daily, Off Road
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: SJ



Vehicle Story

“Willow” is a very special build. It’s my first custom ordered Jeep. As a child I was obsessed with Willow trees and as I grew up there was a deeper meaning behind the name. Thanks to its long life and the ease with which new trees can be rooted from cuttings, the willow tree is also seen as a survivor and a symbol of rebirth. Its ability to grow and survive is powerfully symbolic and show how we can thrive even in challenging conditions. My hopes with this build is to encourage other ladies that even in challenging conditions there is still hope. No setback is actually setback but a path to lead you where you are meant to be.

Tech Sheet