Ultra4 #4441- Dsquared Racing

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 9899
Year: 2010
Make: ULTRA4
Model: 4441
Markets: Off Road, Racing
Vehicle Type: American



Vehicle Story

Dsquared Racing is the husband and wife racing team of Darren and Darlene Henke from Golden, Colorado.

Darren and Darlene have been in the off road industry since 2002 working on the vendor, fabrication, and manufacturing side. During this time they have become well known for their love and support of fellow off road enthusiasts.

At the end of 2010, Darren decided to take a step back from their fabrication and manufacturing company and pursue off-road racing as a full time job. He contracted with a builder in Nevada, Trent Fabrication, to build a custom rolling chassis with prototypical axles provided by Darren himself. Then, over several months later, the entire Dsquared Team worked to build the Ultra 4 vehicle #4441. Their inaugural race in the new unlimited 4 wheel drive rock racing machine was 2011's Griffin King of the Hammers. The team qualified in an unproven car through the last chance qualifier their first year out, a task not accomplished by some teams after many years of attempts. In addition to the King of the Hammers, the team began racing the full Ultra 4 Series focusing mainly on its Western and Pro Series. Several seasons of racing behind them, many upgrades and improvements have been made to the 4441 car to accommodate higher speeds, longer desert races, short course and motocross style tracks, as well as evolving design and innovation.

The 2013 season comes off a 7th place overall finish in the 2012 Ultra 4 National Championship Series. The team's goal is to obtain a top 5 position in 2013, and place in the top three on finishes in several of the regional events. In 2013 the team will also travel to Crandon, Wisconsin to participate in the Crandon World Championship - a venue that draws more than 50,000 race fans and national television coverage.

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