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Thank you sincerely for your interest Kibbe and Finnegan Show! The recurring podcast show we’ve created has a strong and growing following and continues to trend upward. While the show only launched in June of 2016 it’s growth has been terrific – to the point we’re now ready to increase production to reach as many loyal automotive enthusiasts as possible. We’re at the starting line of something special. The bottom line is this: we have begun to build the biggest automotive podcast-radio show the world has ever seen and are producing shows on a weekly basis. We have the celebrity talent, the team, the experience, and the drive to do it. To date the show has grown quickly and organically with just a fairly limited production run. With integrated internet and streaming ability now keeping people plugged in 24/7 the timing couldn’t be better to join forces. We’d love nothing more than to partner together in creating something far reaching, mutually beneficial, and FUN!

By far, the biggest reason we’re building an audio podcast-radio show is because of the unbelievable hidden-gem like connection that is created with the audience. Different than print or video, podcast listeners intently hang on every word and are usually listening through personal headphones. The chance to connect to them – personally – is equivalent to a P1 radio-share audience. It doesn’t get any more loyal. As a comparison, if TV and video cast a wide net, radio and podcasting cast a deep one. There’s a big reason that celebrities such as Marc Maron, Joe Rogan, and Internet marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk are going “all in” on the podcast format.

Below you’ll see information detailing the hosts, show, and fans. In our experience – especially with podcast radio shows – the method to align a brand with a show in a way that is best received by the audience is not to dilute it with an abundance of ads, but instead partner with a few long-term and strategic key players.

Again, the timing to partner together to grow something big couldn’t be more ideal! Feel free to contact us with questions and discussion. Show sponsorship slots are available! Please contact us for further details.

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