1967 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup – Ghost

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 61153
Year: 1967
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C-10 Pickup
Markets: Muscle Car, Performance, Pro Touring, Racing, Rod & Custom, Truck
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: Robert Crowley



Vehicle Story

The ghost began its life as a sixty eight g m c stepside pick up truck. My wife's uncle owned the truck and knew that I wanted it. Due to some family issues juice. He decided that since I couldn't afford it. He would just gift it to me with the expectation that it would be fixed one day. I took possession of the truck in september of 1997. For the most part the truck set Dormant while life and kids happen. During that time I collected a lot of parts but didn't have much time to work on it. Eventually, as time and money came a little more easy. I had the opportunity to start on it and spent several years actually assembling it and putting it together as you see it. I will say 100% of this truck was done in my backyard in my shop with my own 2 hands. The only help I had was my at the time twelve year old daughter. From roping in the glass, Bead rolling panels and getting to hard to reach spaces. We were a team that took it to the finish line. I did have a friend who sprayed the paint for me. But that was after I completed the metal work body work and put it in primer. The truck was officially finished in 2017. (If they're ever finished) and it made its first show in Dallas at C10s in the park. That was where it was discovered for the very first time by the media street trucks magazine recognized. It is top 12 of 1200 trucks from there. I landed my first magazine feature.

The truck also had following magazine features With LSX magazine And its sister publications. The truck has been featured in Texas Full Throttle Hot Rod Magazine as well. If you google 67 Ghost C10 or 68 Ghost C10 you can find the features and details of the build. It's had a multitude of things done including 3" body drop, full air ride, ls swap, dash swap, custom front end and much more. During this time I have been humbled and honored that I was able to pick up several partial sponsorships for the build to take it to the next level. Here is a list of vendors that gracious enough to help out.

Airlift performance, F.A.S.T/Edelbrock,  Classic Instruments, TMI Products, Antigravity Batterys, Morimoto,  Nitrous Express, Team Beefcake Racing, Fuel Injector Connection, Quick Performance, Racetronix, and Freak Show Performance.

I am excited to say that F.A.S.T/Edelbrock has once again stepped up to the plate to offer help with one of their LSXHR intake manifolds to go along with the factory mast LS3 Heads and the Torqstorm supercharger.

Under the hood has new panels in paint as well stay tuned for the new look.




Tech Sheet