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2008 Lotus Exige S240 – Larry’s Lucky Lotus

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 20903
Year: 2008
Make: Lotus
Model: Exige S240
Markets: Performance, Racing, Sports Car
Vehicle Type: European
Contact: AR Auto Service



Vehicle Story

Larry's 2008 Exige S240 is the perfect example of a well prepped 111 chassis for track use. It combines power, suspension, cooling and telemetry upgrades to ensure that it is both fast and reliable on track.  The 111 Lotus chassis has long been admired for its light weight and nimble handling characteristics, and this car is modified to improve all aspects of the car while still retaining the Colin Chapman's ethos, "simplify and add lightness."

Chassis Upgrades

-Motion Control Double Adjustable Remote Dampers with Eibach Springs. We developed the 111 chassis MCS dampers with MCS, introducing the first sets to the market.

-Techno Toy Tuning Front Camber Arms.  The Lotus chassis uses shims to align the car, the front runs into limitations before the rear.  This necessitates the use of front camber arms which are machined to add front camber, allowing the car to be aligned for optimal grip.

- AP Racing Big Brake Kit.  The factory Lotus AP 2 Piston brakes have been replaced with larger AP Racing 4 piston calipers.

-Cobalt XR Series Brake Pads.  We've been running Cobalt pads for many years on all of our track and race applications.  Consistent pedal feel combined with excellent stopping and wear characteristics is a hallmark of these brake pads which is why we use them.

Interior/Safety Upgrades

-Schroth Harnesses.  Schroth has long been the gold standard in the industry for safety, with an ergonomic fit for the occupants and high quality materials throughout.

-Coolsuit System.  Larry likes to enjoy his car in temperatures approaching triple digits.  While many people upgrade the cooling capacity of the car, the driver suffers.  We install a coolsuit system in Larry's car to ensure that he doesn't overheat on warm days.

-AIM MXS Dash. The AIM MXS dash fits perfectly in the factory bezel and allows the driver to have both track telemetry and vehicle parameters clearly visible on an easy to read interface.  The MXS has multiple display options which allows the driver to customize it to their needs.


-Sector 111 Blade 300 Package.  This kit includes larger fuel injectors, fuel pump, larger intercooler, and a smaller supercharger pulley that boosts power from 240 to 300 horsepower.

-BOE ECU Tune.  The software upgrade from BOE took advantage of all the hard parts in the Blade 300 package to safely boost the power while remaining reliable on track.

-Larini Exhaust.  This particular Exige is a track only vehicle, and it is equipped with an exhaust that is catless to keep exhaust temperatures down and release a few extra horsepower.


-APR Front Air Dam.  Carbon fiber APR Air Dam is larger than the factory air dam which provides a higher amount of front downforce for increased front grip.


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