“Mom’s T-Bird”

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 33431
Year: 1959
Make: Ford
Model: Thunderbird
Markets: Performance, Rod & Custom
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: Projects CBN



Vehicle Story

Flash back to 1961:  "Pop's" is nervously deciding whether to! purchase the highest priced car he's ever looked at, a 1959 Thunderbird, for his wife.  It's not a new car, with a list price of about $36000 that is out of the question!  But a 3 year old car is still a big investment.

It had low miles, was in good running condition and would be reliable for her and the kids to get around town, but still! That sticker price!

It never would have occurred to him that some day the car will be worth MORE than what he paid. And why would he think that? After all, it's just a car! It get's you from point A to point B and the more you use them the more they cost you until they are worth less than the parts to fix them! Right?

Luckily, Pop's found the gumption to make the purchase in 1961 becoming the 2nd owner of the Colonial White Ford powered by a 352 FE engine and C-6 transmission. He drove it home to give to his wife and thus, the '59 Thunderbird became "mom's car.

Last tagged in Missouri in 1992, the car has been mostly summer driven and stored for the majority of it's life, which has saved most of the body of the car and made it into something of a time capsule. When removing the seats and carpet, some treasures from the past were found like Battleship  board game pieces in the back seat, a bouncy ball and a wrapper from M&M Lime Chewies (Curious? ...fyi, these later became Starburst!).

About 6 months ago, in June 2018, we were contacted to do an estimate. The family asked us what it would take to bring this beauty back to her former glory AND add a little more "oomph" under the hood. The best part? Pop's will get to see the Rogue Thunderbird when it's revealed next fall.
Ready for transport , the Thunderbird was ready for the car hauler to bring it to our shop, Driven Restorations in 2018.'
Naturally, when the family got in touch we were THRILLED to hear the story behind this car. The request was to make it safe, and comfortable for cross country travel while also not having to stop every 50 miles for fuel. This is our solution!
  • 435HP Gen II Ford Performance Coyote 5.0L Naturally aspirated engine with a 6 speed transmission
  •  A lower stance on a Scott's Hot Rod's Chassis with coil over suspension and disc brakes and 9" Moser rear axle
  • 18" Shelby 427 wheels
  • While preserving the original styling of the interior, upholstery will be upgraded to leather with charcoal accents and embroidery. The dash will have updated gauges, Vintage Air A/C system and a Bluetooth radio,

Excited about the prospect of a "sleeper" look with a modern drive line we put together the proposal for the owners and set the start date for October 2018, with SEMA, November 2019 as our target for the big reveal. That is a whole lot of change to get done in 12 months but we are up for the challenge!

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