USMC Racing

USMC Track Car

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 29936
Year: 1997
Make: Ford
Model: Crown Victoria
Markets: Racing
Vehicle Type: American



Vehicle Story

Here is a bit on the race car and team that I drive in as well, our name is

(bc we Marines aren't that creative) Uncle Sam's Misguided Children Racing,

or USMC Racing for short. We drive a 1997 Crown Vic, chopped all to hell and

back for weight loss. Then we painted the car in Marine Corps

colors/patterns (with indoor latex paint and protected by clear garage floor

sealant), adding another 20-25 lbs. So in true gov't fashion we made it

worse while making it better-ish. Power plant is 4.6L 2v out of a 2005 cop

car powering TREMEC TKO 600.  Monitoring all that Ford Power is a QuickCar

5pc dash kits and next up is a different way to run the accessories, right

now everything comes on the moment you turn the master power switch, so one

of these days we'll get that changed over for something better.  It's got a

Ford 8.8 rear end with 3.55 posi and chained up for some preload which is

spinning some Federal RS-RR tires, NASCAR springs on all 4 corners, ATL 22

gallon fuel tanks with IMS dry break re-fuel set up and a professionally

constructed full roll cage. We've been racing for a few years now in the 24

Hours of Lemons circuit, racing at Carolina Motorsports Pack in Kershaw, SC

twice a year (spring and fall). This winter we began expanding to new

tracks; Road Atlanta in December, Barbers Motorsport Pack in February, New

Orleans Motorsports Park in March, and MSR Houston in TX in November. 24

Hours of Lemons, it's a racing genre for the average racer to find a car,

throw a SAFE cage in it and make that bitch last for 24 hours, that's the

general idea anyway.


Here is a little background into our team of miscreants (we usually shoot

for 4-5 drivers each event):


Brian C. (Team Capt) - US Marine with 14 years, two deployments to

Afghanistan with 2d MSOB Golf Co (July 2011- February 2012) then Hotel Co

(Oct 2013-May 2014), Chief Warrant Officer 2, Embarkation Officer. Drag race

and road course experience.


Nate G. - US Marine with 10 years, Captain, MV-22 Osprey Pilot. Road course



JD W. - US Marine with 18 years, multiple deployments to both Iraq and

Afghanistan, Master Sergeant, Motor Transportation Chief. Drag, circle dirt

track experience.


Phil W.- US Army with 12 years, multiple deployments to both Iraq and

Afghanistan, Sergeant First Class, Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, Lucas

driving School Grad, Road course experience.


Erick M. - Natural Gas driller, Skip Barber Formula Car and World Racing

League member, Road course experience


JR M. - US Coast Guard with 16 years, several Cutter deployments, dirt bike

and dirt track experience


Brian A.- US Coast Guard with 18 years, several Cutter deployments, road

course experience


Tires: 275/35R18 Federal RS-RR



Ford 4.6L 2v with

NGK Spark Plugs

Evans Waterless Coolant (sponsored)

Amsoil 0-20W Racing Oil (sponsored)

Amsoil Engine Flush (sponsored)

Amsoil Coolant Boost (sponsored)

Lakewood custom made bellhousing



TREMEC TKO 600 from Silver Sports Transmission (sponsored, heavy military




Tilton 5.5″ OT-III Heavy Duty Metallic Racing Clutch, 4 plate count (in

need of a new plate pack soon)

Tilton 4000-Series Hydraulic Release Bearing


Fuel Cell:

ATL 22 gallon tank

ATL fuel level sender and gauge (sponsored)

Amsoil Octane Boost (sponsored)

Race Gas Concentrate (sponsored)

3x 5 gallon quick fuel (dry break) refuel cans



Custom cut by Northlake Driveline Slidell, LA (heavy military discount)


Rear Axle:

Ford 8.8 Posi with 3.55, stock axles



Quick Car 5pc dash

Richardson Racing seat

Safecraft thermal release fire suppression system (may need a recharge soon)

Quick release steering wheel

RJS radio system

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