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321 N Front St, # 309
Wilmington, NC 28401

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Publicity Factory delivers more than 60 years of combined public relations experience in the automotive, technical, lifestyle, transportation, corporate and consumer industries.  The company’s principals have worked with numerous organizations including but not limited to Campagna Motors, Porsche Motorsport, Anstead Watches, RoboReel, Spark Modern Fires, Better Life Technologies, James DeWulf, and many more.

Publicity Factory has established relationships with various journalists including editors at numerous automotive and lifestyle outlets, and business and news outlets including newspapers, magazines, radio, blogs, Web sites and television programs. Publicity Factory has a proven track record of obtaining consistent high-exposure media placements and working with clients in an effectual and efficient manner.

•      Brand Development
•      Relationship Building
•      Brand Positioning
•      Web Strategy/Development/Social Media
•      Collateral Development
•      Speaking Engagements
•      Crisis Communications
•      Strategic Planning
•      Event Management
•      Trade/Consumer Show Representation
•      Creative Campaign Development
•      Media Training


•      Small, growing agency that delivers hands-on approach with all clients.  You get the attention you deserve.
•      Experience in major markets at large firms.  Same results, affordable rates.
•      Clear team understanding of our clients’ objectives
•      Creativity – A nose for news and how our clients can fit into trends within various target media
•      Daily communication with our clients, monthly public relations reports
•      Team network approach to creativity and problem solving
•      Sustainable PR campaigns within budget
•      Quantifiable results
•      Dedicated C-level professionals with a passion for public relations
•      Established media contacts in various industries

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