1933 3-Window Coupe – Hill

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 2143
Year: 1933
Make: Ford
Model: 3 Window Coupe
Markets: Rod & Custom
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: 1933 3-Window Coupe – Hill



Vehicle Story


  • Body type: 3- Window Coupe
  • Manufacturer: Henry Ford
  • Steel or Fiberglass: Steel
  • Chopped: 4” front Amount: 3” rear  Channeled: Wedged Channeled – 1 ¼” thru cowl section
  • Grille/grille shell: Sliced and diced ’37 Ford Truck grill by Pinkees Rod Shop
  • Hood: Custom made by Pinkees
  • Headlights: ’34 Ford Commercial lights
  • Taillights: ’37 Ford with custom mounts
  • Body panels louvered: custom rear bell pan, custom hood sides and deck lid louvered
  • Interior: Tobacco –Hand tipped leather from Spinnbeck
  • Carpet: Wool Broadcloth-Tan
  • Seat: Custom fabricated by Sid
  • Dash: Stock dash re-shaped to house custom dash panels fab by Pinkees Federale Custom gauges built by Classic Instruments, designed by Jimmy Smith Instruments/gauges. Bell Type steering wheel, custom column Lime Works/Pinkees Steering Wheel/column and drop.
  • Shifter: Swan neck with Pinkees custom shift knob.
  • Pedals: Pinkees firewall mount w/cross hatched pedals. Dash and garnish molding painted to match exterior.
  • Cam: Hot Heads (Isky) .485 Lift 2.38 Duration
  • Lifters: Hot Heads Hydraulic
  • Springs: Isky Performance Hardened
  • Rockers: Stock Valves: 2.02”/1.75”, chrome stems, stelite tips
  • Heads: 1955 Chrysler (triple 5 heads) cast iron with hardened seats Intake
  • Manifold: Weiland aluminum 4x2
  • Carburetor(s): 4-Stromberg 97s
  • Air Cleaner: Custom off-set air cleaners by Pinkees Rod Shop
  • Injection: MSD Pro-Billet Oil System and Pan:  Stock pan with Hot Heads hi-volume 340 Mopar pump and adapter
  • Headers/mufflers: Hot Heads cast iron exhaust manifolds with Never-Rust stainless mufflers
  • Other: (a)Custom exhaust built by Pinkees, Cerakote coating by Applied Plastic Coatings, Inc. (b) Engine built by AMS Automotive Machine


  • 1933 Custom
  • Frame manufacturer: Frame rails fabricated by Walden Speed Shop
  • Frame Crossmember: Pinkees built custom stamped style X-member w/Model A front Crossmember, Pinkees built custom Model A style rear Crossmember
  • Frame Modifications: ’33 Ford frame with ’32 Ford style front rails from cowl section forward, rear frame horns bobbed.
  • Steering box type: Schroeder Cowl Steering
  • Manufacturer Gary Schroeder Enterprises
  • Chassis Fabrication by: Pinkees Rod Shop

Front Suspension

  • Axle or A-arms: 4” dropped I-Beam
  • Spindles: Superbell
  • Radius rods: ’46-’47 Ford modified by Dennis Scott
  • Spring(s): Posies Super Slide spring w/reversed eyes mounted behi9nd the axle
  • Shocks: Armstrong level action


  • Transmission: KO-600 Tremec 5-speed
  • Clutch: Centerforce
  • Bellhousing: Aluminum Chevy
  • Flywheel: Steel
  • Driveshaft: Custom Steel


  • Radiator: Ron Davis Racing Radiator
  • Wiring: Brown cloth covered wire installed by Pinkees tied and secured by waxed nylon thread
  • Chrome plating/polishing: Sherms Custom Chrome Plating
  • Exhaust by: Pinkees, Cerakoted by AMS

Rear Suspension

  • Centersection/Ratio: 4:10 to 1
  • Axles: Dutchman
  • Radius rods: ’36 Ford with spring hangers modified by Dennis Scott
  • Shocks: Chrome JRI
  • Spring(s) Posies Model A super slider
  • Panhard bar: Custom by Pinkees
  • Sway bar: Custom by Pinkees

Front Brakes

  • Drums/rotors: ’40 Lincoln drum brakes
  • Other: Pinkees machined aluminum backing plates with machined aluminum scoops

Rear Brakes

  • Drums/rotors: ’40 Lincoln drum brakes
  • Master cylinder: Wilwood housed by Pinkees firewall mounted cantileaver pedal assembly

Other body modifications:  Rear wheel wells raised 1 ½” and re-radiused to match rear tire, custom made front fender inner panel aprons between hood and frame rails

  • Metal fabrication/bodywork by: Pinkees Rod Shop


  • Paint Color: Custom Bench Mix (aka Cherry Cola)
  • Paint Type: Urethane base coat/clear coat
  • Paint manufacturer: PPG
  • Paintwork by: Mark Warrick, Soncy Road Body Shop

Front Wheels and Tires

  • Wheels: Custom one-off billet wheels by Curtis Speed designed by Jimmy Smith 17” x 4” pin drive knockoffs
  • Tires: 25 x 17” Excelsior

Rear Wheels and Tires

  • Tires: 7.00 x 18” Excelsior


  • Engine: 1955 Chrysler 331 bore to 354 CI
  • Block: L94
  • Crank: Stock
  • Rods: Stock
  • Pistons: Jahns cast
  • Compression ratio 9:5 to 1



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