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Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 27758
Year: 1969
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Chevelle
Markets: Muscle Car, Performance, Resto-Mod
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: Projects CBN



Vehicle Story

Build story:

I've always been into cars.  I can remember sitting in my Dads 65' mustang shifting through the three speed auto like it was a 1,500 hp pro stock car.  That started my affinity for American muscle cars.  Not that Im calling a mustang with a 289 a muscle car, but our house was in between a neighbor who had BOSS mustang and another neighbor who had a 1969' Camaro called WHYTRY.  It was the type of Camaro we could hear coming into the neighborhood and we always ran out to see it drive by.  Fast forward to High School.  I was pretty set on buying a honda civic when I could save up the money.  One because they were cheap and two because I thought my Dad was going to make me get something with airbags.  That all changed when one of my best buddies picked me up in his new car.  Another 1969 Camaro.  It was during that first drive I told him to stop at 7/11.  I picked up auto trader and found a cortez silver 1969 Chevelle just a few miles away.  I bought my first car and embarked on this life long love affair with cars.

Fast forward to today.  Through hard work, luck and fortitude I've had some success in life.  I wanted to get something nice for myself.  I've had GTOs, Novas, other Chevelles, luxury cars, big trucks, you name it.  The idea of buying a Ferrari was not sitting right with me.  I knew If I saw a Chevelle sitting next to a Ferrari, 10 out of 10 times, I'm going to spend my time looking at the Chevelle.  This is when I reached out to Rodger in 2014.  I fell in love with his builds and the perfect combination of timeless and bad ass that his builds portrayed. I went to SEMA in 15' and 16' to understand and check out his work a little bit more.  Then I jumped off the deep end and started the Andys and Sons 1969 Chevelle.  I wanted a throw back to my first true love, that silver 69. More importantly, I could see that my then 7 month old son got his dads DNA and love for cars.  I knew this would be mine and his cruiser.  Going to local shows, early morning weekend cruises, sitting in the garage shifting through the gears like I once did.  Baby bod number two came along in summer of 2017 and I felt that the starts had aligned.  Two little boys, who both have a love for cars, and possibly the baddest 1969 Chevelle ever built.


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