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Hermance Design was started by Ben Hermance, a professional custom automotive artist and designer. He's trained as a product designer with an engineer's head and an artist's hand.

We specialize in custom vehicle concept renderings to help plan your project, stay motivated and on track throughout the process. Plus, professional renderings are often a requirement for obtaining sponsor buy-off and you don't want to cut corners in this step.

Another benefit of having renderings done for your project is the virtual elimination of miscommunications between owner and builders. It's all on paper for everyone to see and follow.

This emerging service is quickly becoming a "must-do" for owners and builders alike. You wouldn't build a house without blue prints from an architect so why would you build your custom dream car without hiring a designer? Plan out the vehicle on paper before the torch is lit or the first welding spark flies. Don't waste time and money on regrettable modifications or paint again.

We can do exterior, interior, engine bay, trunk, cutaways, part design, Photoshop chops and vector-based logos. And if you're looking for a gift for the car enthusiast that has everything, have an artistic portrait done of their dream car!

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