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Poulsbo, WA 98370

Phone: (360) 461-1668

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.tavishighlander.com/

HCR got started because I have always loved drawing, designing, and making things. After years of hard work I now get to do all of that stuff for a living. How fun is that?

While still in college I completed my first professional work with Pure Vision owner Steve Strope. We worked together on several custom cars and began a friendship that introduced me to the automotive industry. Soon after I was designing valve covers for Mopar, building a HEMI powered Willys Wagon, and working with Hot Rod magazine. The snowball was rolling and it just kept getting bigger.

My projects now are more varied and fun than ever. I've been able to use my industrial design training on an automated pill dispenser for CM Medical. My automotive skills have helped while designing everything on custom cars including headlights, wheels, interiors, gauges, and more. Even RV's have been subject to my designs on the show Rock My RV.

Everything's been a blast so far and I plan on making the future fun too.

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