’65 Pontiac LeMans | Coybilt

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 23987
Year: 1965
Make: Pontiac
Model: LeMans
Markets: Muscle Car, Performance, Racing, Resto-Mod, Rod & Custom
Vehicle Type: American



Vehicle Story

When Josiah Coy arrived at the 2009 SEMA Show, (a story in itself...) the 21-year-old made a major impression with his black '65 Pontiac GTO convertible pro-tourer. The home-built Goat attracted an admiring audience for the next four days, and by Friday afternoon he had several purchase offers, a few ​major-league ​awards, and the beginnings of major car-guy rep. The car soon appeared in HOT ROD magazine and Josiah was on his way to a well-respected ​car-builder career.

His COYBILT shop in central California can handle just about any kind of build but Josiah ​specialized in the maintenance, restoration and 'restification' of his favorite iron, the '60s Pontiac A-body. Business was steady and his rep as a performance car maven started to spread.

​Some significant 'GreaT Ones​' rolled from his shop.

Thing is, 2009 is a while back, and it's time to get back into the high-profile car business. Action at the Coybilt facility is seeing progress on a new feature-ready Pontiac with huge ambitions. Starting with an 'all there' '65 LeMans hardtop, Josiah tore into it and did away with anything that didn't look like 200-plus mph. A Roadster Shop chassis will hold a 1000-plus horsepower Pontiac-based alloy bullet with many mods and all the best high-tech components in attendance.

Subtle aerodynamic aids incorporating and building upon the classic '60s LeMans lines and styling cues, augmented by a full belly pan, will keep the 'fast' glued to the asphalt. Fiberglass and carbon fiber components will abound.

Street cred will come from a well-appointed interior with a fully-integrated roll cage, 'cause you want to be comfortable at 200mph... with the A​/​C on​ full blast​ and the tunes at the ready.
Competitive goals ​for this road racing LeMans ​

start with a rollout at the 2019 SEMA Show, and perhaps a stab at Battle of the Builder competition. Granted sponsorship, the car will head to the Texas Mile (goal 200-plus MPH) and the Silver State Classic event 2019, and other 'top speed' competitions.

The most recent component sponsorship comes from Delta Lights in Onrtario, California, providing cutting-edge illumination for those
high-speed runs as well as late-night prowls along Mulholland or a fast trip up I-5 or Route 99 in the dead of night.


Watch this space for updates on the build!

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