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Best in The Desert is proud to have over 35 years of storied history in the racing community to its name. Founded in 1984 by racing icon and industry legend Casey Folks, Best in The Desert started out as a motorcycle racing series and in 1996 grew to include four-wheel vehicles. By 2004, it was recognized world-wide as the premier off-road racing series.

Being the Best in The Desert’s status as the premier off-road race series in the United States and around the world, combined with the media coverage and the fast action of the sport, add up to one of the most effective tools you can have in your arsenal of marketing programs.  As a result, we have attracted some of the top companies in the business to our list of sponsors.  We are very proud that most all the companies have had long term relationships with Best in The Desert validating the value and return on investment these companies experience.  Record growth, huge entries, new market segments and potential are the  key factors making “THE AMERICAN OFF-ROAD RACING SERIES” the most attractive investment opportunity in off-road racing today. We invite interested companies to add your name to this prestigious list of Best in The Desert sponsors.

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