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HAROLD CAMP has the necessary experience, training and resources to meet all of your motor vehicle appraisal needs. He has extensive personal experience and resources in various motor vehicle markets as well as his “hands on” experience and knowledge as an avid collector car enthusiast, restorer and builder of antique, street rod and special interest vehicles for over thirty-five years.  Mr. Camp also successfully owned and operated a nation-wide catalog auto parts business and open shop for several years that specialized in reproduction, used and New Old Stock (NOS) parts for; antique cars and trucks, fiberglass and steel replicas, street rods and other collectible vehicles.

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My fee for insurance claim umpire services is based on a flat rate and may vary somewhat depending on the type of vehicle involved in the claim.  We have a mobile inspection service and travel fees may apply for the inspection of the vehicle appraised.  Call me today for a free telephone consultation, we will give you a quote for the total cost of our umpire services up front based on the information you supply.  No hidden costs or extra fees for consultations or correspondence with our clients or the other appraisers involved in the claim.

Since Mr. Camp started his independent appraisal business in May 1993 he has performed thousands of professional motor vehicle appraisals for the general public, affluent private collectors from various locations nationwide, corporations, foundations, banks and credit unions, insurance companies, police departments and other government agencies.  He has also provided litigation support and expert witness testimony in the courts.

Do you have a vehicle that's been involved in an accident, fire, flood, stolen or otherwise deemed a total loss?  Do you have a vehicle that's been damaged and repaired?  Whatever the case may be, if you are involved in a total loss or diminished value insurance claim, we can help you settle your claim.

As an independent professional motor vehicle/transport appraiser, Harold Camp, dba Appraisal Specialties of Colorado, works for both the general public as well as insurance companies (we are not contracted with any insurance company) to settle your motor vehicle/transport insurance claims fairly with accurate unbiased professional certified appraisals.

We execute every appraisal assignment as if our appraisal will end up in a court of law, because in some cases they have.  When you hire Harold Camp as your appraiser, he personally performs each inspection and evaluates the overall condition of the vehicle involved in the claim.  He does all the appropriate market research himself targeting true comparable vehicles.  We don't hire third-party companies to supply us with market data and we are not a franchise supplied with market data and values by a central office.

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