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Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 23795
Year: 1969
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang Fastback
Markets: Muscle Car, Performance, Resto-Mod
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: Tucci Hot Rods


Vehicle Story

We met Dave Francoeur, the owner of this Mustang, in 2014 at the Adirondack Nationals in Lake George, NY. We had the ’70 Mustang that we built as a Syracuse Nationals giveaway car on display. Dave proceeded to tell me that he had a shop in Texas restoring his 1969 Mustang Mach 1. We had talked more about how we built the ’70 and he was very interested in learning more about it. His Mustang was just about finished at the restoration shop, which he had gone down to take a look at and take it for a test drive. In that test drive, he realized that a stock restored Mustang did not drive, handle, or stop like he anticipated. So that’s when it was decided that his Mustang would get shipped up to us to do an upgrade on the suspension, brakes and steering. This would be our first stage of getting the car to it’s finished state.

After putting a full Ride Tech suspension, Baer Brakes, Budnik wheels, Falken Tires, and corrected steering geometry, Dave took the car back and drove it for a summer. At that point he realized the car drove amazing but now because it was handling so well, it was lacking the power that the suspension warranted. Now it was time to discuss what we would do for a power upgrade. The obvious choice for us at Tucci Hot Rods was to install a 5.0 Coyote engine and 6 speed manual trans out of a 2015 Mustang GT. We sourced the motor from Cleveland Power and Performance and utilized a wiring harness and computer from Ford Performance. Putting the Coyote motor in the original engine compartment was going to be a challenge. Many shops would just change the front suspension out to fit the massive Coyote but we had just installed all the new Ride Tech suspension so we went ahead and trimmed the shock towers to fit the motor and still be able to retain all the original suspension locations. A set of headers were hand made to fit around all the steering components. A Mishimoto radiator was used to keep the Coyote cool. While modifying the engine compartment to fit the new power plant, we looked at the overall restoration of the car and found that the paint and panel fitment was not up to our standard. We then contacted John Ramsey, from John’s Auto Restoration, and discussed the best way to make it a true Tucci Hot Rods build.

The car was completely stripped down to bare metal and a few body modifications were done. We narrowed the rear bumper, making it closer to the body and moved the rear quarter panels out about an inch to create a more aggressive look. Now it was time to look at the interior of the car. A new set of power leather bucket seats were fitted and the 2015 Mustang center console was mounted, retaining the stock shifter and boot from the 2015. The console was mounted in a way to blend into the stock 1969 Mustang dash while incorporating a Vintage Air air conditioning system. Dave also wanted to have a stereo system that would compliment the newer interior design. Bux Customs fitted a custom carpet, headliner, rear seat and finished off the rear surround along with  new trunk upholstery.  An Aeromotive fuel system makes sure the Coyote is never starved for fuel. Pypes Performance exhaust gives the car that unique Mustang exhaust note. A Dakota Digital VHX instrument cluster and clock finishes off the modernized interior.

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