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R1000 | Hot Rod’s Restos

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 22423
Year: 1972
Make: Mazda
Model: R100
Markets: Performance, Racing, Resto-Mod, Rod & Custom
Vehicle Type: Asian
Contact: Hot Rod’s Restos



Vehicle Story

1972 Mazda R100



Engine             Mazda Cosmo 20B 3 rotor, bridgeported with lightened rotors,                                          built by Forcefed Performance


Oil pan             Built 2 Apex 20b race pan

Intake Manifold          Xcessive Manufacturing Short lower intake, factory 20b upper                                            intake

Throttle Body              Rotary Works 90mm single blade

Turbo Manifold           Large runner design built by Forcefed Performance

Turbo                           Borg Warner S400SX-E 76mm

Wastegate                   Turbosmart 60mm Powergate

Blow Off Valves           Dual Turbosmart Race Port

Exhaust                        Built using Vibrant 4" round and oval tubing, Vibrant mufflers                                             and v-band clamps

Turbo Blanket             DEI Titanium Turbo Sheild

Exhaust Wrap              DEI Titanium

Charge tubing             Built using Vibrant 3" aluminum bends and Vibrant HD clamp assemblies

Coating                        Engine is coated with Cerakote Glacial Gold Ceramic and                                                     Prismatic Wrinkle Black

Exhaust is coated with Cerakote Glacial black Ceramic

Power                          700 horsepower and 560 lb/ft torque at 18 psi boost





Radiator                      Be Cool

Fans                             Dual Spal 14"

Intercooler                  Vibrant 33x12"

Oil Cooler                    Custom made using 2 vibrant 6x10x2" cores

Coating                        Radiator, intercooler and oil cooler all coated with Cerakote                                               Transfer Grey heat disipating ceramic coat





ECU                             Microtech LT-16c

Dash                            Microtech 7" LTC Pro Dash

Boost Control              Turbosmart E-boost 2

Wiring                         Speedwires 14 circuit relay control board, dual relay fuel pump                                          control board, billet 10 switch pannel


Fuel System


Fuel Cell                      Fuel Safe 19 gallon with FIA bladder

Surge Tank                  Radium Engineering FCST in cell surge tank

Fuel Pumps                  3 Aeromotive 340 high pressure, 1 aeromotive 340 filling the                                              surge tank

Fuel Regulator Aeromotive Extreme flow

Fuel Rails                     Full Function Engineerings

Pulse Dampers            Radium Engineering vacuum/boost referenced

Injectors                      3x 1300cc Primary, 3x 2000cc Secondary

Plumbing                     Vibrant E85 compliant black nylon braid AN hose and fittings

Fuel                             E85 Ethanol





Transmission               Tremec T56 magnum, 2.66 1st gear

Shifter                         S1 Sequential

Clutch                          Competition Clutch 7.25" twin disc

Bellhousing                 Quicktime steel bellhousing

Driveshaft                   QA1 Carbon fiber with 1310 U-joins

Rear end                      Winters 10" quickchange, torsen style limited slip, 4.12 ring and                                         pinion, 3.52 final ratio.



Front Suspension- Double Wishbone


Spindles                       BSB Manufacturing billet aluminum

Control arms               Joes Racing Upper, Custom lower

Balljoints                     QA1 threaded low friction

Hubs                            Wilwood Starlite 55 wide 5

Swaybar                      1 1/16" splined

Shocks                         QA1 4-way adjustable coilover with remote resovior

Springs            QA1 2 1/2" I.D. high travel springs



Rear Suspension- Z-link with Pullbar 3rd link


Birdcages                    BSB Manufacturing billet double shear bearing style birdcages

Link bars                      BSB Manufacturing scalloped aluminum chromoly rod ends

Panhard bar                BSB Manufacturing billet aluminum J-bar

3rd Link                       BSB Manufacturing Short spring pullbar

Hubs                            Wilwood Starlite 55 wide 5 with wilwood billet drive flange

Swaybar                      3/4" splined nascar style

Shocks                         QA1 4-way adjustable coilover with remote resovior

Springs                        QA1 2 1/2" I.D. high travel springs





Calipers                       Wilwood Forged Dynapro 6 piston

Rotors                          Wilwood 11.75" x 0.810" GT36 Curved vane

Pads                             Wilwood Polymatrix BP-20

Master cylinders         Wilwood Compact



Wheels and Tires


Tires                            Falken Azenis 615k, 205/40zr16 front and rear

Wheels                        Front- Bogart RR-wide 5 3 piece, 16" x 8"

Rear-  HRR Twin Rim 3 piece, 16" x 8" x 8"


Body and Chassis


Chassis            4130 Chromoly Built by Hot Rod's Restos

Front End                    Custom made by Hot Rod's Restos

Rear Flares                  Custom made by Hot Rod's Restos

Hood                            Custom made by Hot Rod's Restos

Wing                            Custom made by Hot Rod's Restos

Rear Bumper               Custom made by Hot Rod's Restos

Headlights                   JW Speaker 7" LED

Marker Lights              Dakota Digital

Paint                            Sherwin Williams, House of kolor, and Cerakote high temp                                      ceramic, applied with Sata spray equipment



Interior and Safety


Seats                            Kirkey Racing Lightweight

Seat Belts                    Cipher 5 point cam-lock racing harness

Steering Wheel           Joes Racing 14" lightweight with quick disconect hub

Pedals                          Wilwood floor mounted pedal assembly

Handbrake                  ASD Motorsports Hydraulic drift brake

Build Sheet



  • Hot Rod’s Restos - Builder, General fabrication, Wheels: Rear-  HRR Twin Rim 3 piece, 16" x 8" x 8", Chassis: 4130 Chromoly, Front End, Rear Flares, Hood, Wing, Rear Bumper


  • Forcefed Performance - Engine build: Mazda Cosmo 20B 3 rotor, bridgeported with lightened rotors, Turbo Manifold: Large runner design